Maria Kang is not your wake-up call

Maria “what’s your excuse?” Kang has hit the news again. This time she’s sharing an airbrushed image of herself showing off toned thighs and a flat stomach, along with slogans such as “limited sleep”, “no nanny” and “works 8hr+ days”. The message behind it: “If I can look like this, you can too.” The response … Continue reading


Unfortunately, it is a given that babies and toddlers are going to constantly get sick. And while it would be crazy to expect every child with a runny nose to be ‘quarantined’, where should parents draw the line when letting them play with other children or pregnant women? There is a lot of folk wisdom … Continue reading

My Smear Campaign

Ladies, you should take care of your vaginas. No I don’t mean as in a get waxed or dye your labia or whatever whacked thing people are doing nowadays. You should go get a pap smear. Every. Two. Years. I’m surprised how many women don’t. Friends and family guiltily admit, “I’m so overdue. I can’t … Continue reading