A few of my favourite and least favourite words

I love language. What writer doesn’t? Being based in Australia means I should write in Australian English. But … what if I prefer the Kiwi or American version? Does writing have to be so consistent? Perhaps with globalisation there will come a time when writers can pick and choose words based on rhythm or what … Continue reading

Do you see the bright side of life?


I’m sure it comes as no surprise when I say things have changed since the birth of my son and the biggest shock is the sleep deprivation. Wait, wait, wait – before you stop reading don’t panic because this is not a post about sleep deprivation. My little fella is a pretty good sleeper (touch … Continue reading

How to start a book club

When you think of book club what springs to mind? Men with woollen vests and women with eighties perms whose reading glasses come with a string attached? Or perhaps young intellectual types who discuss the virtues of esoteric Eastern European post-modernism? Perhaps images are also conjured up in your mind of calm, well-organised events containing … Continue reading

Em’s 12 point guide to the first six weeks of motherhood

1) Dry shampoo will become your new best friend. 2) Daytime TV will destroy your soul. Be prepared and have many, many box sets available. Breastfeeding can take a looooooong time. 3) Holding your baby and breastfeeding results in eating one-handed. This means you must forsake foods such as toast (unless it’s just me who … Continue reading