A Hairy Issue

I have a bit of a hairy dilemma. Can you help? Do you have any tips or advice? Or just some kind words of support? Hair has been a topic of conversation for a while now in our household. For years Butterfly Kid has asked for long hair.

It’s been a tricky situation to deal with because Butterfly Kid’s dad would always shave off their curls, saying that he wanted Butterfly Kid to look more like him.

I tried wigs to make Butterfly Kid feel better, but they soon grew bored of how uncomfortable and awkward they were and started saying they wanted long hair again.

Butterfly Kid out in one of their wigs

Now Butterfly Kid’s dad has done a 180 on the hair situation and we’ve agreed that Butterfly Kid can grow out their hair. But Butterfly Kid is getting impatient and I’m feeling a bit apprehensive. I’m dreading the mullet. I can’t be bothered with the explanations to the hairdresser. Meanwhile, every day Butterfly Kid has short hair they suffer an identity crisis.

The other day Butterfly Kid also brought home a stray hair clip they had found in the playground – this was around the same time I received a notification from the school about a head lice outbreak. I guess it’s time to buy some pretty headbands and hair clips so that Butterfly Kid can feel more feminine – or risk us all catching cooties.

If you have any ideas or advice on growing out short hair, avoiding mullets and finding pretty hair accessories including hair extensions, please let me know in the comments below.

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