Michael Devine (Andrew McFarlane) is a wealthy property maker who seems to have it all. He’s the CEO of a successful business and has a loving family. But when he goes missing it becomes clear that “having it all” wasn’t enough.

“It’s an incredibly intriguing story told out of sequence so the audience has to do a lot of the sleuthing themselves,” says actor Mandy McElhinney. She plays Paula, a woman who has had her kids taken away and is now trying to put her life back on track.

This dark thriller was inspired by the events surrounding the disappearance and murder of multi-millionaire Herman Rockefeller in 2010. McElhinney compares its narrative style to hit TV show Breaking Bad.

“It’s very clever and an energising rollercoaster ride through the theatre,” she explains. “It’s about people leading double lives and says a lot about the society we live in.”

“[For audiences] there will be a sense of connecting with the people you love in your life. The connection between family is the thing we should value most highly as we strive to achieve status and material wealth.”

Published in City News online and in print on Feb 3, 2013


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