In Martin Del Amo’s latest work he hopes to shake-up audience expectations of contemporary dance. The critically acclaimed choreographer has put together 12 portraits featuring an eclectic cast in a night he describes as diverse, fun and playful.

“I wanted to choose a format that people might find more accessible than the average dance show,” he says.

Each portrait has its own distinct song ranging from pop, dance anthems and an operatic aria.

“The music choice is quite intuitive with songs that don’t necessarily go together. So you can have an Abba song next to Jimi Hendrix for example.”

The night will see young dancers teamed with more established ones from various cultural and artistic backgrounds. “Sara Black is associated with Chunky Moves. Vicky Van Hout is an Indigenous choreographer. Kirk Page is an Indigenous performer with many years of experience in musical theatre.”

“It’s an experience you’ll never get again. Those 12 performers wouldn’t normally be together on one stage but as a choreographer I was really interested in that opportunity. Hopefully audiences will really appreciate it because it’s quite unusual.”

Published in City News online and in print on Feb 24, 2013


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