Brent Lyall (Leigh Scully) has achieved a lot in his 24 years. The footballer has won two Brownlow medals and plays for one of Australia’s leading football clubs. But can he be a star in front of the camera like he is on field? When his manager (Glenn Hazeldine) hires an expert (Rachel Gordon) to make him more likeable to the public, they quickly learn that Brent has a secret involving high-end fashion, blonde curls and red nail polish. And this “addiction” is one that could cost them his $30-million career.

This fast-paced and jocular new play written by our national treasure, David Williamson, looks at the shady commercialised side of football.

Director Mark Kilmurry has put together a cast that is brimming with high energy and witty timing. The look and feel of the show (by Steve Butler and Peter Neufeld) is more edgy than your usual Ensemble production with loud dance music, bright lights and rapidly cut video.

Overall, this is lighthearted fun with a touching message about embracing who you are. As one of the lyric’s rings out through the show: “I’m on the right track baby, I was Born This Way.”

Published in City News online and in print on Dec 12, 2012


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