Don is a washed-up porn director who has one last shot at making a film that he feels matters – a piece of propaganda that enrages the world. His daughter Laura is also a filmmaker (played by the delightful Caroline Craig) who wants to rescue him.

“This is a comedy about moral responsibility and the difficulty of being an artist covering scientific or political events,” Craig says. “It’s about what you will do in order to rebuild your career, whether you put yourself first or the greater good.”

This wickedly satirical and poison-tipped story was written by CJ Johnson and developed under a new initiative called Rapid Write. Directed by PlayWriting Australia’s artistic director Tim Roseman, it gives writers the opportunity to pitch topical ideas that currently affect the world with only eight weeks to get the show on stage.

“The most exciting thing about the theatre is that it is happening right now,” Craig explains. “As an audience member you are part of a dialogue. This takes it to a whole new level. The characters are dealing with the same things the audience are dealing with. It really explores art meeting life and embraces it in an exciting way.”

Craig who is well known for her TV credits in Underbelly and Blue Heelers is a Griffin devotee and has recently performed in their production of Speaking in Tongues. “Griffin is doing the most exciting work in Sydney at the moment. Their commitment to new work is unparalleled and really exploring great storytelling and new scripts.”

Craig compares the play to the film The Player. “It’s funny then political. [Laura] is a kick-ass character and I love playing those roles. She has to compromise to stay in the industry. I can completely relate to her and having to take any job in order to survive. I love those stories about how far will you go.”

“I hope there will be heated debates and people fighting for the principles and ideas behind the show. Hopefully it will start a riot,” she laughs. “Or a riotous discussion anyway.”

Published in City News online and in print on Nov 11, 2012


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