Two strangers are stranded at a writers’ retreat during a terrible blizzard. One is a successful blogger whose latest book tracks his sexual escapades while the other is a homebody, a bookworm and failed novelist. It’s not long before 38-year-old Olivia (Jacqueline McKenzie) and 24-year-old Ethan (Ryan Corr) discover that sometimes opposites do attract. But can this union last?

Director Jocelyn Moorhouse, best known for her film work, balances warm and funny storytelling while raising questions about the impact of social media on relationships, and the effects of power plays between couples. McKenzie, a Sydney Theatre Company veteran, is cast alongside up-and-comer Corr in a dynamic liaison that is brimming with hot chemistry.

This engaging love story has delightful splashes of literary flair. Designer Tracy Grant Lord uses scene changes to screen inspirational quotes from various writers including Plath, Hemmingway and De Beauvoir. It’s gimmicky but charming.

This play isn’t going to please everyone, but for those who like their rom-coms served with a sprinkling of highbrow, the two hours will fly by.

Published in City News online and in print on Oct 7, 2012


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