Julia Morris has been a busy bee. This year she can tick of her list: starring alongside Gary Sweet in House Husbands, becoming Australia’s first Celebrity Apprentice, and helping the homeless find beds. Seriously, is there anything J-Mo can’t do? Well, it seems Australia’s lovable comedian can’t stop judging people.

“We live in such an extraordinary society of judgement that it wasn’t until I really applied myself over the last 12 months not to judge, that I discovered how much I love to judge,” she explains.

The night promises to have all of Morris’ trademark comic style including fast-paced stories and songs with a big helping of charisma. “I live in taboo topics,” she continues. “I’m not a highly thought-provoking comedian because I’m not bright. It’s more cheeky, Ostraylian, general silliness.”

The self-confessed, “highly-strung storyteller” gushes when she talks about the Enmore, the theatre she first performed in 25 years ago.

“The Enmore has 875 years in the business. It’s beautiful,” she says. “This is my first solo gig there. It’s very exciting and a real career benchmark for an Australian comedian. I love being onstage. Stand up gives you an immediate response and the sound of thunderclap of laughter feels like you are being photo bombed by the Holy Spirit.”

Published in City News online and in print on Sep 26, 2012


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