Sydneysider George Raftopoulos has had his work exhibited not only all across Australia but also in many corners of the globe including New York, Paris and Hong Kong. In his latest exhibition, his paintings, which usually touch on aspects of his race; memory; and cultural lineage, goes further into his investigation of Greek mythology and mythological constricts. The canvas serves to encapsulate everyday experiences such as conversations heard and people on the streets, to seek and celebrate the ʻnormalʼ and mundane while providing a platform that raises such characters beyond the banal onto modern day icons. Set in the exciting urban space of the MCLEMOI Gallery, this new body of work bridges allegories that express the characters through an array of colours. The intuitive selection of colours are derivative of the memory and experience of each individual; each one perceived as a jewel. Through the immediate brushstrokes, and later the considered lines the abstracted stories are told. The works are open to interpretation, asking onto the viewer their own stories, experiences and insights.

Published in City News online and in print on Aug 27, 2012.


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