Dance legend Rafael Bonachela is bringing Australia’s only international festival of dance to the Opera House. One highlight is the world premiere of Contemporary Women, a night of four short works by some of Australia’s best new choreographers.

I caught up with choreographer and dancer Emily Amisano who Bonachela describes as “a wonderful talent I wanted to nurture.” Amisano and her four dancers have created Yield, a 15-minute performance about testing and surrender within a relationship.

“I focus on that feeling of knowing someone and finding out about yourself within a cynical relationship – it’s not a romantic story,” she explains. The Green Room award-winner joined the Sydney Dance Company in 2009 and has worked under Bonachela’s tutelage in six productions.“Raf is an amazing person as well as boss,” she continues. “I am full of admiration and would love to have that autonomy and initiative.”

When asked about whether this event explores the struggles of contemporary women in the arts, the 35-year-old says it’s about a celebration rather than making a social statement. “At a certain point women have to take time out to pursue a family but that’s not something we are focusing on. I think we are just celebrating the strength of talent in Australian choreography. You either have creativity, drive and passion to pursue your career or you don’t – whether you’re a man or a woman.”

Published in City News online and in print on Aug 12, 2012.


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