When five strangers find themselves placed into a room for extended periods, it’s only a matter of time before secrets are disclosed and surprising friendships are formed.

Set over a six-week amateur adult drama class in Vermont, Annie Baker’s play is reminiscent of the brilliant eighties cult classicThe Breakfast Club – there’s even a teenage recluse to boot – where unlikely connections help the lost discover who they really are.

Director Shannon Murphy cleverly utilises the space to create an intimacy which, ten minutes in, promises both confessions and bonding, and she and the five skilled performers deliver all these things and more.

While this 90-minute play is brimming with acting in-jokes, anyone who has taken a drama class – primary or high school included – will enjoy a laugh at theatre’s expense. This adaptation of the Obie award-winning play is a tender comedy about revelations and moving on. It’s the theatrical answer to chicken soup for the soul, the perfect comfort food to warm up these dreary winter evenings.

Published in City News online and in print on Aug 11, 2012


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