When Matthew Day describes Intermission – an intriguing title considering it is the final instalment in Trilogy, his series of solo dance performances – he uses the ocean as a metaphor.

“Sometimes it’s big, wavy and dramatic. I’m interested in the unconscious depth and waves of the body, and while this is continuous through the work it really comes into focus in Intermission.”

Day has an unconventional dance background and as teenager was a ballroom dance champion. He confesses this used to embarrass him but now acknowledges it’s what separates him from other contemporary choreographers.

“For a long time I wouldn’t talk about it but now I realise it’s what makes me a unique artist.”  And it’s working for him. The first two performances in Trilogy(Thousands, 2010 and Cannibal, 2011) have visited Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and led him to a nomination for the revered Green Room Award.

“People respond quite strongly to the work,” he explains. “They can enter the space and interpret the work, or find themselves within it. I’m very happy with that. In some senses it’s extreme and challenging and with anything challenging what you get out of it can be really exciting.”

Published in City News online and in print on Jun 3, 2012.


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