Do you see the bright side of life?


I’m sure it comes as no surprise when I say things have changed since the birth of my son and the biggest shock is the sleep deprivation. Wait, wait, wait – before you stop reading don’t panic because this is not a post about sleep deprivation.

My little fella is a pretty good sleeper (touch wood until the varnish comes off or my fingers are full of splinters). However, there are times when he is up before the sun has even had a chance to utter “rise and shine”.

When I hear that first little cry at 5:45am initial feelings may include dread or frustration. “We haven’t even reached the sixes,” I’ll say to my husband. This is an abstract way we talk about time. If we’re in the sevens everything is fine and peachy. Waking up during the sixes is a bit of drag, but to be up in the fives is … hold on, bright side, bright side, bright side … must remind myself that waking up in the dark does give me something to look forward to … the sunrise. My baby’s crazy body clock means I get to witness a beautiful occurrence. It’s something that happens daily but feels like such a rarity (is that the correct use of the word ironic?).

In the past my exposures to the sunrise were either coming home from an all-nighter in my early twenties or on the odd occasion on holidays when a travel companion would suggest it as a “nice” little event that would require me to have bucket loads of willpower with a big dollop of effort for good measure. But now, I get to marvel at the sunrise randomly and in the comfort from my home. Yes, I get to see the bright side of life – literally – in those rich yellows, pinks and oranges. Lucky me.

Here are a few of my favourite early morning shots taken from my balcony.


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