Help! I’m suffering from an addiction

I’m starting to think that I may have an addiction to nail salons. Currently I have three loyalty cards in my wallet, I find myself trying to “cover up” to my friends and family about how often I go and I’m always thinking about when I will get my next hit, er, I mean … visit.

There was a time when mani/pedis were a treat once a year on my birthday and the rest of the time I would DIY. I even wrote an article about it back in 2007. Now if there’s a wedding or a big event coming up I grab my cards and head for those little stores of beauty. But am I the only one who does this? Could there be a pedicure epidemic afoot? It wouldn’t surprise me, when my friends or my sister arrange to catch up over getting our nails done. Afterwards I tally up the cost, “well, that cost me $40 which I guess is the same as if we went for dinner and movie, right? Right?” There I go again, justifying my addiction.

Now something has happened that could wedge the addiction-nail further in: shellac. Far out! It’s 100% fantastic. Or 100% evil depending how you look at it. I’ve heard of one girl who gets it done once a fortnight. That’s a minumum of $900 a year spent on perfect, unchipped, thick glossy nails. Okay, okay,  I know with a baby on the way I can’t get caught up in this and to be fair I’ve only had shellac done once. I loved every moment of it and it really does last two weeks, but you see, unlike regular manicures with shellac you have to go back to the nail salon to get it taken off.  So while  I’m telling myself, “No, I won’t get another manicure.” (Well at least not until my next birthday that happens to be less than three weeks away.) I still have to go into the salon, look at all the women in there kicking back getting their nails done, ask for my shellac to be removed  and resist getting it redone.

Ahhhh. Isn’t that like an alcoholic stepping in to a bar for a glass of lemonade. Oh well, I’ll keep you posted on the outcome. In the meanwhile I’ve put my DIY pedicure article online. Although Revlon nail polish is so five years ago. It’s all about the OPI now. Yeah baby yeah. Eek, I really shouldn’t know this much about nails.

Day 15 of shellac


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