I was “this close” to taking a nudey shot

Earlier this year I won an $800 gift card for a glamour photo shoot – whatever that means. I don’t even remember entering it but apparently during a hen party they had taken down my details. A few weeks later I get a call like this.

“So Emma, what kind of girl are you. Outgoing and flirty?”


“Shy and quiet.”

“Well, I don’t think I’m really that black and wh-”

“Do you want to do some lingerie shots? It’s pretty fun.”

“I’m ten weeks pregnant and puking every day. Getting into lingerie is the last thing I feel like doing.”

“Riiight. Well, why don’t we call you back in a few months and you can do a nice pregnancy shoot.”

Mid October a friendly English voice called me to knuckle down the details of the shoot.

“What about a semi nude shoot?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’m covered in cellulite. My feet are very swollen and – ”

“It’s fine. We’ve got Photoshop.”

Ahhh, before I knew it the friendly English lady convinced me to come along and bring the hubby. I couldn’t picture how these photos would turn out, but may be something like this or this  or even this.

I ended up pulling the plug altogether on the photo shoot because something wasn’t sitting right with me – and it wasn’t the baby. I began wondering, are belly shots too narcissistic? Are pregnant nudey shots better left to the  celebs? Come on, what are the chances of me pulling this off in a classy way? Do I really want a self-portrait that has been Photoshopped to within an inch of its life? And finally, am I going to regret my decision to call the whole thing off?

My hubby had planned to take pictures of my growing bump every day but my vanity got in the way. There were days when we’d get into bed and he’d remember about the photo. I’d be in my PJs with no make up and my hair pulled back and the last thing I felt like doing was saying cheese. Now we’re lucky if we take a picture once a fortnight.

After a few friends emailed from overseas asking to see belly pictures I uploaded five photos taken with hubby’s mobile phone on to facebook. And people seemed to love them. I got stacks of comments and compliments and I’ve got to admit it made me feel pretty damn good after feeling like a large, swollen blimp. A friend commented how much she loves seeing pictures of her own pregnant mother and how nice it will be for my baby when it grows up to flick through mine. But then the paranoia set in. Am I being too self-absorbed and narcissistic? Should I have a disclaimer that I’m only doing what my friends asked of me? Should I upload more pics? Do other pregnant women feel this way?

In the end I think what I need to do is go with my gut instincts and then back myself. It felt good sharing low res mobile pics online with my friends and family, while the thought of stepping into some studio and getting tarted up, pranced about and then photoshopped made my stomach flip. I guess in the end it turns out I’m just a happy snap type of girl suffering from a bit of vanity – and I like to keep my clothes on.

One Response to “I was “this close” to taking a nudey shot”
  1. emsalkild says:

    Since I wrote this my husband has uploaded a video of my baby bump growing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d89OQABAcb8

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