Don’t judge a baby by its cover (or legs)

Attack of the 50ft Woman

A scene from my week 12 ultrasound:

Me: Aw, how cute, the baby is stretching its legs.

Sonographer: Far out, those are the longest legs I’ve ever seen.

(laughter from Pete and me)

Sonographer: No seriously, they are.

Pete: well, at least I know it’s mine then.

(nb: my husband is 6’4. I’m 5’6.)

Most people think I’m having a boy and the story above might have something to do with it. But when discussed what if it’s a girl, and a tall one at that, the reactions have been … interesting.  “Maybe she’ll be a model,” being the most common response.

I guess it’s harmless to play these games that assign jobs and personalities to children (even in utero). Or is it? The thought of my daughter wanting to be a model is terrifying. I’m currently reading Portia De Rossi’s book Unbearable Lightness. At 12 years old she was told at a model audition that her arse was unusually saggy. Needless to say what followed was a horrific struggle with eating disorders. So when people joke, “she could be a model,” I quickly reply “or a netballer.” As though if I say it enough people will stop suggesting it and my daughter will be free from suffering eating disorders and bad body image.

One person said to me: “hopefully it’s a boy. It would be awful to be 6’4 girl.” Is this because it would be be harder to find a date? Is that the main criteria for women’s happiness – to have a larger pool of men to choose from? Who’s to say my baby girl will be heterosexual anyway? And why is no one assigning a job or potential future love dilemmas to my boy? Perhaps my girl is being judged on her appearance, whereas my boy isn’t? Or am I being paranoid and taking it all too seriously?

I don’t know what to believe so I’m going to sign off as puzzled. What do you think?

My baby's legs at the week 12 ultrasound


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