C is for crazy cravings

Pregnancy cravingsGoogle the term “pregnancy cravings” and Beyonce’s are there third on the list. The bootylicious singer has apparently been chowing down on bananas dipped in tomato sauce or ice cream covered in chilli. Hmmm bootylicious – not so delicious.

I used to always ask pregnant women about cravings with some crazy fascination they would talk about desires for non-food items such as dirt or washing liquid. Or perhaps they’d confess to putting sun-dried tomatoes in their Pad Thai, grilling cucumber on pizza or serving tandoori chicken with a side of olives. No wait, that’s what happens when my husband cooks. (I’m not kidding, he has actually made all those dishes.)

Having now gone through six months of pregnancy whenever someone asks me about cravings I have to stammer “nothing”. Oh, the disappointment! My sister had to send out her husband in the middle of the night for tinned peaches and for the first time ever my friend has started eating Maccas. And what have I got to offer?  Well, occasionally I want something sweet after dinner but I’ve had those feelings since I was about three years old. All I’ve got are aversions to things I used to once enjoy such as chili, bacon and hardcore dance music.

When I was a kid I used to eat gherkins dipped in nutella, marmite and chicken sandwiches and tomato sauce on french toast. As a teenager my friend and I ate peanut butter and chip sandwiches and as an adult my all time favourite sanger is vegemite and avocado. I like my tahini on toast and I think sweet chilli tastes good on pretty much anything. So, I guess with a food history like mine (and my husband’s), who needs pregnancy cravings?

What is the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?

2 Responses to “C is for crazy cravings”
  1. Chocolate ants, given to me by my ex-wife. Need I say more.

  2. emsalkild says:

    What, they were actual ants? How’d they taste? Like chicken?

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