As part of the Sydney Children’s Festival, CarriageWorks’ residential theatre company Erth Visual and Physical Inc is putting on a magical and pioneering play that will introduce its viewers to unique, Indigenous creatures.

“It’s a show for children and adults that looks at spiritual creatures of Aboriginal folklore,” explains director Scott Wright. Many of the stories given to Erth have never been told outside of the Aboriginal communities.

“The bunyip is one of the few Indigenous creatures that has made it into popular culture.  It makes me ask, why is it that we know more about dragons and fairies and creatures from folklore originated at the other side of the world yet we know nothing of these creatures? It’s a hefty responsibility and we’re introducing both adults and children to this.” The performance includes puppets, multi-media and visual effects and will also be revealing creatures that live within the Sydney area.

“Local people will be exposed to local creatures and content they don’t know about. It’s an experience like stories around the campfire and is a lot of fun. It’s a show of discovery for both adults and children.”


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