Watch out Sydney because the Panorama Pirates are on a mission. The footy boys from Adelaide plan to drink 10,000 beers over one very wild weekend.

I spoke with the lovely and vivacious director, Lee Lewis. “This is a rollercoaster of a play that moves so fast. It was just too great to resist,” she says. Written by playwright and rugby journalist Alex Broun this dark, exciting and confronting play delves into a world rarely seen in on stage.

“It’s not preaching at all and it doesn’t offer a magical solution. Violence and alcohol are across all levels of society in Australia. This play presents the problem without preaching about it,” Lewis continues.

Exploring masculinity, sport and mateship, the show requires a lot of physical skill and the four actors all come from a rugby background. “It’s awesome working with an all-male cast and the greatest joy about this has been working with a beautiful group of actors who are so inspired by the script. It’s brutal and funny with a great heart.”

Published in City News online and in print on Sep 12, 2011.


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