Some pregnancy firsts

Should I wear this sign over my stomach?

This weekend I had a few pregnancy firsts

1)    I had a stranger rub my belly

When I was told that pregnant women have strangers reaching for their stomachs I didn’t believe it. Until yesterday afternoon. My mother-in-law’s singing partner gave me a good old rub down before introducing herself.

I’m not the most assertive person. Actually I’m 100% diffident. So how should I deal with this? Here are some ideas I’ve read:

–       ask them if they want to touch your arse too

–       rub their belly back

–       when a hand heads that way, start rubbing your belly while gently steering away the perpetrating hand

–       wear a t-shirt that says “hands off”

–       ask if you can touch their boobs/penis

–       say “don’t touch me please”

But you know what? I actually didn’t mind when she had a feel. In fact I was flattered. Lately, I’ve been making a habit of harassing my friends and family with “feel my stomach. It’s like a balloon” or “Touch, touch, I think it’s kicking.” And usually they respond with an awkward poke.

So until further notice, learning how to tell people not to touch me has gone into the too hard basket.

2)    I asked a stranger to bend the rules for me

On Saturday night my hubby and I were leaving the Sydney Cricket Ground after watching a football match when I saw a security guard allow a family through a shortcut. I was tired and hungry with backache and therefore assumed everyone would be sympathetic to me. Yeah I’m an ass!

Approaching the guard I asked, “Can we go through too please? I’m pregnant.” He replied in a condescending tone of voice, “Aw, is it too much for you?”  Then he motioned to the incredibly long flight of stairs ahead of me while shutting off the exit. I stood there for a few seconds growing more and more mortified as my face began to match the bright red Sydney Swans merchandise I was wearing. “I really do have backache,” I said to him softly under my breath before walking away

I guess it’s like my dad reminds me, “Darling, everyone came from a mother” – meaning “You’re not the first person to be pregnant. Quit your whining.” Well as if that’s going to happen, that’s what this blog is for.

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