The Mercy Seat

Ben (Chris Rodgers) and Abby (Jo Little) work in the World Trade Centre, but on the day of September 11 they were having an affair in Abby’s apartment. Now it’s the day after this tragic event and Ben’s friends and family are unaware if he is alive or dead. Could this be the ideal time for the father of two to run away with his mistress Abby? This 90-minute play is set in an apartment where a couple spend the entire time banging heads with infuriating miscommunication. They claim to love one another but they can’t help fighting and bickering in an Everybody Loves Raymond kind of way. Even with the superb acting, great direction (Andrew Doyle), and perfect sets and lighting, it was hard to feel anything for these unlikeable characters. It may have been controversial and fresh when it first staged back in 2002, but now this play written by US playwright Neil LaBute makes you feel you’re going round and round in circles like a narcissistic teddy bear with anger management issues.

Published in Sydney City News in print and online on August 25, 2011


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