At Any Cost

Seventy-five per cent of Australia’s health budget goes to patients in the last six months of their life, with 42% being spent on their last month. Does this mean we should pull the plug on them early, so to speak? Or perhaps the government should start charging the families if they want to continue with the care? These are just a few of the questions raised in David Williamson’s new play. Co-written by professor and playwright Mohamed Khadra, this funny; dramatic; and poignant play follows the story of a family with a very hard decision to make.  Des (played by the charismatic Martin Vaughn) has spent the last four years caring for his 82-year-old wife, Faith, who is unable to walk or speak. Now she is unconscious and in a critical condition and every treatment she has is causing her more pain. Des and his three children, with the help from Doctor Ali Sharif, must decide whether or not to end the treatment and let her peacefully slip away. This is a well-written and well-directed show with rounded characters and fantastic performances that will leave you pondering the topical issues.

Published in Sydney City News online and in print on July 18, 2011


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