Sea shanties, puppets, acrobatics, adventure, friendship, and love are all part of Boats, a beautiful play that will be enjoyed by both the young and young at heart. Aimed at school children aged five to 12, this one-hour show tells the story of mariners Jof and Nic played by talented performers/puppeteers Jeff Michael and Quinn Griggs. Jof was born at sea and has always had his lucky gull flying over his head looking after him. When his boat becomes shipwrecked on a small island he creates a new life for himself, until Nic gets washed ashore. The two quickly strike up a friendship and together they find their way back to the mainland, and stir up a plan for Jof to find his true love. Terrapin Theatre Company has created a delightful play to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Published online by Alternative Media Group on July 17, 2011


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