“Raw, hearty and dynamic,” is how award-winning playwright Reg Cribb describes his show Krakouer. This funny and thought-provoking play is about the true story of brothers, Jim and Phil, and it follows them on their journey to becoming two of the greatest AFL players in history in a time when racism was rife and Aboriginal footballers were rare.

“The Krakouer brothers were heroes of mine as a kid,” Cribb says. “I read their book and decided to adapt it as a stage play because it had lots of drama and is such a great story.”  After its success across the rest of the country, Krakouer is coming to New South Wales and audiences can expect to also see match footage of the brothers along with a score of acoustic footy anthems by award-winning composer David Milroy.

“This is not just a sports story,” Cribb explains. “People will get a glimpse into how tough it was for Indigenous people and the racial vilification they suffered. In the end this is a tale about two brothers who really stuck by each other.”

Published in City News online and in print on Jul 12, 2011.


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