Lou Sanz is blessed with the gift of the gab. Only minutes in to her latest show it’s clear we are in the presence of a master storyteller. Her soothing voice, faultless timing and crisp, clean writing make the perfect buffer for her outrageously shocking but hilarious anecdotes.

In this brazen one-hour comedy piece Sanz reads (in a deadpan tone, from a notebook) stories not suitable for children – ever. For example, her opening narrative, ‘If Only You Looked More Like a Man’, is the tale of Marguerite and the gay man she has fallen in love with. Other gems are ‘Let’s Get Wet Together’, ‘Annie You’ll Never Amount to Anything’ and ‘Carla the Ethnic’. The heroines of these stories are unlucky in both love and lust – and the odds that at least some of these stories contain autobiographical elements from Sanz’s own love life seem pretty high…

This well-crafted show is paced perfectly, with an array of colourful segments such as ‘Advice With Me’, where Sanz answers people’s moronic problems with cynical quips and witty jabs; a letter written to her sex life; and a glory box she has filled with bit and bobs for the children of today.  As usual with Sanz, there’s a liberal dose of schadenfreude, and her misadventures are particularly delightful.

Is Sanz crass and vulgar? Damn straight! Her forthright, show-no-mercy approach is reminiscent of Sarah Silverman, but the Melbourne-based writer/comedian is more subtle and dry. She’s unashamed of making herself the butt of the joke.

Sanz has won almost as many awards as she’s had dysfunctional relationships – so whatever she’s doing, she’s doing it right. For audiences, cringing and groaning is a possibility, but guilty laughter is guaranteed. After all, this is funny stuff and there’s no point in fighting that. In the end, when it comes to Lou it’s a case of something so wrong being so, so good.

Published in The Brag online and in print on June 20, 2011


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