Lloyd Beckham, Beekeeper

As soon as you enter Lloyd Beckmann, Beekeeper it feels as though the rich, sweet smell of honey has wrapped you up in a cosy blanket. In this 75-minute show, the Old Fitzroy has been completely transformed into a granny flat where audiences are welcomed in by the charismatic, Lloyd Beckmann, who fusses over you with trays of snacks and offers of beer, wine or tea. The array of mismatched velvet armchairs, cushions and lamps will put you instantly at ease. It’s as though you’ve stumbled across a kind elderly relative. Green Room award-winning actor Tim Stitz has created a show about the true story of his grandfather, Lloyd, and his life as a beekeeper. Stitz’s performance in this one-man show is outstanding and while Lloyd’s charm is as sweet as honey, there’s a heartbreaking narrative at work that resulted this reviewer to tears. When one approaches the end of their days there may be a lifetime of tragedy and love to reflect on, but for Lloyd his mantra is and always will be: “such is life.”

Published in Sydney City News in print and online on June 10, 2011


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