Ian Meadows – The Coming World

Ed has lost $10,000 and is planning to start a new life with his girlfriend Dora. Written by Pulitizer award-winning playwright Christopher Shinn, the play is said to have the character complexity of a Jonathan Franzen novel and the cinematic structure of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. After an acclaimed season at the Soho Theatre in London it is coming to Darlinghurst Theatre.The very charming Ian Meadows (Paper Giants: The birth of CLEO) took some time from his Melbourne shoot to discuss.

“I hadn’t seen anything recently with people facing these kind of dilemmas. When I read the script it really moved me and that’s really all you can go by.” Meadows will play twins Ed and Ty. “The twins each have a relationship with Dora and there are two very different love stories intertwined.” It’s set in the 1990s when the world is on the brink of being overrun with technology and this idea appealed to Meadows. “It would be interesting for audiences to think about how this endless wave of consuming doesn’t actually bring us anything. It’s supposed to make things better but in the end there’s still isolation.”

Published in City News online and in print on Jun 6, 2011


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