I Only Came To Use The Phone

It’s easy to feel suspicious of adaptations, the main concern being that the essence may become lost in the translation. I Only Came To Use The Phone is based on the short story written by Nobel prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The director, Netta Yaschin, has cleverly kept the original language and has actors reciting not only the dialogue but all the prose and direction from the story as well. Audiences are allowed direct access to the character’s inner thoughts and motives. This 75-minute production is a disturbing and tragic tale about Maria (played by the beautiful and talented actress Annabelle Stephenson) who is returning to Barcelona after a visit to her parents. When Maria’s car breaks down she becomes stranded and finds herself forced into a mental institution. Maria’s husband Saturno the Magician – played by Dorje Swallow who delivers not only strong performance but a few funny magic tricks – is going mad with grief and jealousy not knowing where to find her. This play is not all doom and gloom. Fantastic live music including a beautiful Spanish guitar teamed with some comedic moments offer audiences a much-needed lighthearted break.

Published in Sydney City News in print and online on May 8, 2011


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