Gideon Obarzanek – Connected

Those who saw international dance sensations Glow and Mortal Engine by Chunky Moves will be excited to hear about the next show on the cards. Connected is the latest project by Gideon Obarzanek, the artistic director of the award-winning dance company, Chunky Moves.

The concept for Connected was developed when Gideon was asked to attend a conference in America where he met kinetic sculptor, Reuben Margolin. “We wanted to connect my dancers by a string to a sculpture he would make particularly for Chunky Move’s.”

Five dancers will be connected at all times to a sculpture made of moving parts which is constructed from wood, recycled plastic, paper and steel. “The dancing is explosive and the moments are very delicate. There is the sense that we are inextricably connected with our inanimate world and the inanimate world is connected with us.” Obarzaneck also talks about mathematics and its role in both dance and sculpture. “Maths is an important language we both use to create our work. Dancers reel off long, complex number systems. Reuben’s art number charts are equally complex.”

Published in Sydney City News in print and online on May 3, 2011


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