Julia Zemiro – RocKwiz

Julia Zemiro, RocKwiz

RocKwiz (Aus)
Fast, furious, fearless – and live

“Fast, furious and fearless,” is how Julia Zemiro describes the RocKwiz experience. The music trivia show has been running on SBS since 2005 and last year performed a sell-out tour across 19 cities in Australia. Over the years special guests have included Paul Hestor, Lior, Martha Wainwright, Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers and Tex Perkins. Usually, the show is filmed in Melbourne’s Espy Hotel with Brian Nankervis as the witty adjudicator, alongside hilarious hostess Zemiro, who is spunky, sweet and as sharp as a tack. However, Sydney audiences can get their RockWiz fix this month when the team return for a live show at the Enmore.

RocKwiz’s cult following means that there are currently 20,000 people on the waitlist to get tickets for one of the Epsy shows. Last year the Sydney Comedy Festival instalment sold out so fast that the producers had to put on an extra matinee. “The Enmore is one of the best, best places to perform,” Zemiro tells me. “I used to play theatre sports there in the eighties and nineties with Improv Australia. I know the theatre really well, and love it.”

So how would an Espy audience in Melbourne differ from the Enmore audience in Sydney? “In a way, Espy audiences are diehard fans because they’ve been on the waiting list for a long time. Once they get in they are so pumped and excited. It’s also a bit hot and stuffy and feels like a gig at a pub. At the Enmore, audiences will be in seats and more comfortable. The show will be longer and has extra segments which are really fun. Being at the Enmore is a pleasure because you’re hearing that laughter tenfold because instead of 200 people it’s 2,000. For Brian and I, as performers and in terms of our timing, we have to wait for the laughter to go back from the back of the room to the front of the room and have to slow it down a bit and that’s what I love about it.”

One of the bonuses of watching RocKwiz live is the karaoke segment. “One of the team members sings with the band and that works a treat. Brian does a hilarious warm-up at the beginning of the night and chooses 24 people and then quizzes them and gets the best four for the night. And we’ve got some very special guests that I can’t talk about because it’s got to be a surprise.” Judging by last year’s show at the Enmore where audiences were blessed with a line-up of Adalita, Dave Faulkner, Steve Kilbey, Mary Gautier, and Clare Bowditch, it should be an unforgettable evening.

Published in The Brag on April 16, 2011


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