Loene Carmen – Women of Letters

Emma Salkild's interview with Loene Carmen for Women of Letters event

What would you say to your most treasured possession? This is the task set for a group of talented women including Lally Katz, Holly Throsby, Libbi Gorr, Mandy Sayer, and Loene Carmen who are involved in Sydney’s second showing of Women of Letters. The afternoon is co-curated by Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire, and includes: wine; a DJ set by Nina Las Vegas; and the chance for audiences to write their own aerogrammes. Proceeds go to animal rescue shelter, Edgar’s Mission. I spoke wit

h the delightful chanteuse and actress Loene Carmen who still writes letters to her past co-star Noah Taylor. “The last event was such an amazing experience. You’re in a room with a wide range of generations all engaged in an intellectual and emotion connection. One woman in the audience read out a letter that had the whole room in tears.” When asked about her most treasured possession she replied, “A showgirl bikini which belonged to my grandmother.”

Published in Sydney City News in both print and online on April 10, 2011

Loene Carmen


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