Just Go With It

Successful plastic surgeon Danny (Adam Sandler) pretends to be married to score with chicks, until he falls for a blonde-bombshell. Are you groaning yet? Danny’s assistant Kathy (Jennifer Aniston) then acts as his wife who’s divorcing him. Jen and Adam have great on screen chemistry and are totally lovable. Keep an eye out for Kathy’s daughter Maggie (played by 11-year-old Bailee Madison) who does a better cockney accent than most American actors, including Sandler himself. And one of the best surprises of all is a cameo by Nicole Kidman, who doesn’t look like an alien and is very funny. Who would have thought it? Go in with low expectations and you’ll find this film is lighthearted fun with lots of chuckles.

Published in Sydney City News online and in print on April 3, 2011


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