The Sydney Theatre Company’s latest production of Hamlet is aimed at teenagers, however, this modern-day take is fresh and funny and will delight both teens and adults alike. It’s been adapted as a coming of age story and the protagonist Hamlet (performed by the energetic Sophie Ross) is a girl who has just finished school and is coming to grips with her father’s death while pursuing her love interest, Ophelia (Julia Ohannessian). Clever sets and live music are an added bonus to this 90 minute-long production. There are some fantastic performances as well, the most noteworthy going to Rosencrantz and Guildernstern (Holly Austin and Cameron Goodall) who are played as over-the-top scenester kids with iPhones and amps. Their musical ingenuity is impressive and you’d be stretched to find an audience member not grinning when these clowns appear on stage. This is the first production in Sydney Theatre Company’s 2011 education program and judging by Hamlet, Gen Yers are in for a treat this year.

Published in Sydney City News online and in print on March 28, 2011


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