Julius Ceasar

Are you in the mood for some bare-chested men? You better be because pectorals and abs seem to be this play’s main feature, and they pop up at the weirdest times. The play opens in Lupercalia, an ancient fertility festival that includes naked men, vestal virgins and a sacrificed dog. Brutus is played by Shameer Birges, who gave a strong performance, and a big chunk of the play he wears only jeans and a six-pack while speaking to characters wrapped up in winter woolies. Then there’s his trusted servant Lucius who spends the entire show in nothing but boxers. He moves around in this degrading and creepy way making you wonder, is this a case of domestic abuse? (A new plotline perhaps to Shakespeare’s original version.)

This production is a waste of space – literally.  The stage is quite large but only a small square of light is used throughout the entire show meaning a lot of action and dialogue happens in the shadows, leaving audiences to wonder who is speaking to whom and what is going on? If you are a fan of being left in the dark, then this is a show for you. Otherwise, go for the eye candy.

Published in Sydney City News online and in print on March 21, 2011


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