When you think of Casanova what pops into your mind? Sex, sex, sex, right? But he was also a poet, writer, adventurer, scammer … he invented the lottery  … he traveled through Europe … he did an awful lot of interesting things. This show isn’t just about the down and dirty, it’s tragic, funny and sometimes a little gross. BAFTA-award winning Russell T Davies wrote the script and the production is incredibly well-directed with dance, sex and sword fights that will put you in hysterics. The costumes, lighting and casting cannot be faulted. There are masks, corsets, fishnets, intricate chokers, and cleavage galore. Casanova is played by Tim Walter and his voice and comic timing are reminiscent of a young Adam Hills. Jami Oxenbould is hilarious and unforgettable as Casanova’s arch-nemesis as well as a horde of other wonderful characters. Watch this and you will be transported to another world of excitement, adventure and debauchery.

Published in Sydney City News online and in print on March 21, 2011


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