Various – So Frenchy So Chic

How is it that French music is so enticing even to non-French speakers? So Frenchy So Chic is a fun and upbeat collection of songs from the 2011 Alliance Francaise French Film Festival. Covering two discs and 39 tracks, there’s a great range of songs including hip-hop, rap, chanson, indie rock, pop, soul and jazz. If you are after some particularly French-feeling songs check out the very talented Camelia Jordana with Non Non Non (Ecouter Barbara), and singer Zaz who sounds like a modern-day Edith Piaf. Other highlights are Be My Man by French-Nigerian Aṣa who combines styles of funk, pop, reggae and soul, and Dans Ma Rue by Fefe, a French-Nigerian rapper. There’s even a bit of Aussie on this CD. Australian singer, Nadeah Miranda, who now lives in Paris, features twice: first singing a solo on Odile and then as vocalist on Oublions L’Amerique with new wave/bossa nova band, Nouvelle Vague. As the title suggests, this album is 99% Chic, the remaining 1% probably going to La Banane, a song about a man eating his banana naked on beach. But then how could a CD claim to be French without something completely off-the-wall and whacky?

Published in Sydney City News online and in print on March 15, 2011


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