Shane Nicholson – Bad Machines

Shane Nicholson - Bad Machines

According to Shane Nicholson music is dead, although, it would seem otherwise when listening to this well crafted country/folk album. Golden Guitar and ARIA award winner Shane Nicholson sings like a smoother Paul Kelly who even features on Bad Machines (Whistling Cannonballs). The music is similar to the Aussie country band The Flood, only with darker overtones. There are some kooky themes to Nicholson’s third solo album too such as a haunted hammer; a smoking, gold-toothed monkey; and the theory that American country music icon Jimmie Rodgers was a vampire. As is the case with a fair amount of country albums there are a few Christian references such as, “I had a conversation with the Holy Ghost. It always seems the ones you love let you down the most.” Other musicians you’ll hear on this album are Nicholson’s wife Kasey Chambers, Catherine Britt and Matthew Ryan. Crank this album on a road trip, preferably on a hot day through the Australian countryside. You’ll feel the part.

Published in Sydney City News online and in print on March 7, 2011


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