The slogan for Turns is, “A pantomime with a twist”. It is brimming with colourful candy-like costumes, motorized plant puppets, pantomime horses, parasols, face paint and even the chance for the audience to yell out, “He’s behind you”. The story is about 95-year-old Marjory Joy, a retired stage actress who spends all her time reminiscing over the good old days; and her depressed and under appreciated son, Alistair. The characters are played by two of Australia’s theatre icons including the award-winning Nancye Hayes and the show’s writer, Reg Livermore, and their performances are strong with impeccable comic timing. Turns is black comedy at its best and the script is full of malapropisms and funny anecdotes. If you’re passionate about the theatre, then this is the show for you, otherwise, go for a giggle and an orgy of colour but be prepared that there are a few theatre in-jokes that may fly over your head.

Published in Sydney City News online and in print on February 27, 2011


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