The Way Back

The Way Back is Peter Weir’s first film in seven years, and it’s one worth waiting for. Set in 1939 in a Soviet gulag, a group of men (some innocent and others not-so-innocent) escape during a blizzard. Led by the determined Janusz, who is played by the talented Jim Sturgess, their aim is to walk 4,000 miles to India. The editing is a bit jumpy and strangely the score starts halfway through, but the cinematography is spectacular and highlights just how epic and disturbing this story really is. The performances are solid with Colin Farrell playing a knife-wielding Russian buffoon slash gangster. Ed Harris and Saoirse Ronan reduced this reviewer to tears. Take a jumper with you because this film will chill you to the bone.

Published in Sydney City News online and in print on February 27, 2011


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