Just The Ticket

What better way to celebrate turning 50 than to take a (literal) trip down memory lane? In this one-woman show, Susan leaves her hometown in England to re-live a holiday she made to Sydney when she was 20. Susan is a self-confessed motor mouth and within five minutes this insane, eccentric and optimistic woman has found a way into your heart. Amanda Muggleton gives a stellar performance that is both heartfelt and hysterical. Dance scenes, fat suits and a costume resembling a Ferrero Rocher are memorable highlights. British playwright, Peter Quilter, has written a 90 minute show that delivers an endless stream of witty one-liners, but it’s not all a barrel of laughs, and there are some poignant moments about the inevitable growing old, growing fat and growing apart from your friends. This is the ideal play to take your parents to; you’ll be laughing just as much as they are.

Published in Sydney City News online and in print on February 20, 2011


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