Roller one – Motorsports

Roller One, Motorsports

Inside the cover of their debut album Melbourne-band, Roller One, has thanked whiskey, wine, beauty, and abomination. If this album were a drink it would be whiskey served on the rocks (there ain’t no sugar in this baby). The band also created a music video for their song Million Dollars which received an honourable mention in the Portable TV film festival. Shot in one take with floating curtains and gloomy band members walking through a desolate house, it seems beauty and abomination are reoccurring themes for Roller One. Motorsports has an old school country vibe of Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash or the more modern band Songs:Ohia and in particular, Jason Molina. Soft, strumming guitar and sorrowful crooning set a somber and depressing mood. Singer/songwriter Fergus McAlpin and double bassist Adam Afiff (formerly Silver City Highway) recorded this album in a fit of passion in a winery in Nagambie, Victoria. Watch out, the maudlin energy of this album makes it perfect to listen to when you’ve had way too much red wine and want to wallow in self-pity.

Published in Sydney City News online and in print on February 15, 2011


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